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Studies & Reports on Community Pharmacy Services

Characterising and understanding the professional and organisational commitment of community pharmacists (June 2013)

Community-pharmacy is in a state of flux with a series of significant recent changes including the Community-pharmacy Contract, the reconstitution of the RPSGB and the General Pharmaceutical Council. There are also socio-cultural changes such as greater numbers of women in the profession, and an increase in pharmacists reducing their hours of work. The latter comes at a time when workload/roles are expanding and diversifying, leading to potential scenarios in which there are shortfalls between the hours worked and workload demands. This will have an impact on community pharmacists, but its magnitude may be dependent on how they are professionally and organisationally committed. Whilst there has been some promising commitment research in the USA, little research has been published in GB. However, multidimensional models of commitment have been researched extensively in other professions.A programme of research was developed and conducted to characterise and understand the role of professional and organisational commitment in community-pharmacy in GB using the Three-Component Model of commitment (TCM).  For further information click on this Abstracts link (PDF)


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