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United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA)

The United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) is a member association for clinical pharmacy practitioners. UKCPA was established in 1981 with the aim of supporting and encouraging the emergence of clinical pharmacy. It brings together like-minded pharmacists from different practice areas to share knowledge, research and experiences. This remains UKCPA's core aim today. It provides networking and educational opportunities for UKCPA members and a forum for pharmacists and technicians in all settings, notably community and hospital, to discuss and resolve current Clinical issues.

The Association’s mission statement is – ‘The UKCPA promotes expert practice in medicines management for the benefit of patients, the public and members by establishing standards, workforce development and advancing innovation in all health care settings. The UKCPA encourages Excellence, Leadership and Partnership’.

UPCPA encourages, supports and promotes advanced practice in pharmacy. The UKCPA actively develops clinical pharmacy practice as well as developing individual practitioners, and is frequently at the forefront of initiatives such as establishing professional curricula, developing professional recognition (credentialing) processes, and developing professional tools and frameworks for practitioners.

In April 2011 the UKCPA became an official partner of the pharmacy professional body, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and works closely with other specialist pharmacy organisations, professional bodies and representatives of healthcare professions.

Pharmacists, technicians and other health care professionals providing clinical services to patients will benefit from joining the UKCPA. Current membership comprises over 2,300 people from all areas of the profession: hospital, community, academia, industry and pharmacists and technicians working at the interface between primary and secondary care. With this broad spectrum of members, the Association is able to access knowledge and expertise in order to examine ways in which pharmacists can deliver patient-focused care.

UKCPA is a not-for-profit member organisation for pharmacy practitioners promoting expertise, excellence, leadership and partnership.


New Contact Details

Please note that as from Tuesday 19th March 2013, the UKCPA office contact numbers have changed to:

Telephone: 0116 2889889   Fax: 0116 2889891

The existing contact numbers will no longer be in use and it is not possible to have them redirected.  We apologise for this but it is out of our control. Should you experience any issues using the above numbers, please contact Marie Matthews, on 07834 515192.

For information about the UKCPA contact the UKCPA office by email: or by telephone: 0116 2776999 or visit the UKCPA Website at

Mark Borthwick, Chair, UKCPA.  Email:

Sarah Carter, General Secretary, UKCPA. Email:

Marie Matthews, General Manager, UKCPA, 1st Floor, Publicity House, 59 Long Street, Wigston, Leicestershire. LE18 2AJ
Tel: 0116 2889889    Mobile: 07834 515192   Fax: 0116 2889891   Email:

You can follow UKCPA on Twitter:  or become a friend of UKCPA on facebook: UKCPA-United-Kingdom-Clinical-Pharmacy-Association

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